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Viber allows you to connect to anyone in the world via an internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data *). It is a free messenger application. With Viber messenger, you can send and receive messages to friends, loved ones and other strangers. You can express yourself with stickers and emojis, share photos and videos. The free messenger helps you make international phone numbers for free, whether it’s a voice call or live video chat with friends. To add contacts or contacts to your phonebook, you must enter a phone number in the Viber messenger. According to other text messaging services, Viber offers much more than free messages! Share media, emojis, stickers with delightful minutes. Record voicemail and even send free files.


  • long distance communication
  • No audio or video. Start searching for free now
  • Instant video messages
  • No doubt when you send them through secure communication
  • Trusted persons; contacts are safe because they are phone numbers
  • Damage control feature can delete personal sent messages
  • ’Hidden Chat‘ feature
  • And more, you can play games with your friends using Viber Messenger. You can follow Open Accounts. You can share your contacts, find out if people see their messages, share your location.


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Number of Loading500.000.000+
The recommended age13+
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Number of Ratings12.776.170

User Comments

  • User said:
    April 20, 2019
    I love and use Viber. But in the last days I have problems with Viber out.
  • Zeynep said:
    February 23, 2019
    This new version sucks something better than the old state .. It does not give people direct access to profiles comfortably. It is necessary to send everyone to send stickers directly to the front of the menu to put a mandatory menu, please bring it in a handy way like the old.