Messenger Video Chat


With the call or video group chat, contact anytime, anywhere. You can use the filtering feature if desired. Video chat is free via Wi-Fi, otherwise standard data charges apply. Allows you to connect with your Facebook friends. If you’re not a friend, you won’t let you use some features:


  • You can send and receive messages. Works smoothly on all devices.
  • Leave Expression – You can add a fun sticker to express yourself better. You can send a dancing GIF and use the emoticon icons
  • Share Photos and Videos – Capture the moment with Messenger Camera. You can share it with your friends by adding filters.
  • You can set appointments that you can plan by creating a group.
  • Video chat and Group chat.
  • You can send and receive voice messages.
  • Send-Safe and Easy Money. (Only in the USA, UK, and France)
  • Location Sharing
  • Playing a game with friends
  • Message and SMS in one place


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User Comments

  • On March 29th, User1 said:
    Very nice application, Highly recommend. Also if you stop updates, if you ask how do I stop something happening? You can find it on Youtube. You can reach all your friends who use Facebook even if you don’t have a phone. Was useful to me.
  • On March 29th, Jack said:
    We already use the application. He doesn’t even deserve a star. Message requests don’t even appear anymore.

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