With Chatous, you can talk and discuss with people in the whole world about your interests. Chatous is a chat application that allows you to chat with people you meet or don’t know. The most important feature that distinguishes Chatous from other applications is the web-based application. You can talk about the subject by entering the areas of interest identified with # and start a discussion. Give the free service required to pay some features for the application. You can share snapshots, photos with media sharing features.


• You can choose #hashtag to find people who care about the topics you care about. In this way, you can talk to stranger who chooses the same label by connecting to a conversation.
• Protect your identity through anonymity. The user name given to you is not an ID.
• Messages, chats and all other activities in Chatous are seamlessly synced to our web platform (
• Share photos, videos and voice messages easily!
• Share your favorite YouTube videos in chats.


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TypeDating App
Number of Loading10.000.000+
The recommended age13+
Presented byokcupid,com
Number of Ratings320.566
The current version29.0.3

User Comments

  • user said:
    on August 13, 2018
    Give the app a nice free token once a day.
  • user said:
    On June 24, 2017
    I would recommend this application to anyone who is changing a bit faster than the user but I suppose it is a bit lukewarm blurred and late looking for friends
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