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There are many different friendship applications in application markets. The principle on which they are all based is different. Again, an interesting but useful principle-based dating application has been released. Happn aims to introduce you to people you meet somewhere you like but can’t talk to and meet.

Let’s say you are shopping on a street and you like a person passing by. If both people have a Happn app on their mobile phone, Happn notifies you. So you tell me if you like that person.
If the other party does not say yes, the practice says nothing. But if both sides say yes, the practice is matched. The application also tells you how many times your paths cross or whether you have common friends.
Since you are in the same places or very close at the moment, you can meet and meet immediately and have a coffee. So it is much faster than other applications and focused on building real human communication.
As you know, nowadays communication has started to turn through technology and human communication has decreased. Therefore, it can be a useful application.


1. When someone intersects the path in real life with someone using the happn app, that person’s profile appears in the application.
2. Look at your home page to see all profiles where the path intersects. With each profile, you will be able to see how many times, when and where the path crosses.
3. Did you like someone? I like your profile secretly. We promise you won’t know about it until you like him. Want to be noticed? To send notification
4. Do You Like Each Other? You’re Crush old! But it doesn’t stop … You have to pick the right words to start the conversation.
5. You can also play the CrushTime game, which you don’t leave the job to fate, and you’ll soon find out which of the four profiles intersect your way.

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