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It helps you to meet people who cross the road in real life during the day. With the location service, it lists the people closest to you. and he gives you information. If you want to meet someone you like, you might like them, send messages and admire them.

happn is completely prepared with the principle of mutual appreciation: we promise you will never receive messages from a profile that you are not interested in. Confidentiality is also one of our priorities in happn: other members can never see their position.
 The app is FREE to download and use!
1. When someone intersects the path in real life with someone using the happn app, that person’s profile appears in the application.
2. Look at your home page to see all profiles where the path intersects. With each profile, you will be able to see how many times, when and where the path crosses.
3. Did you like someone? I like your profile secretly. We promise you won’t know about it until you like him. Want to be noticed? To send notification
4. Do You Like Each Other? You’re Crush old! But it doesn’t stop … You have to pick the right words to start the conversation.
5. You can also play the CrushTime game, which you don’t leave the job to fate, and you’ll soon find out which of the four profiles intersect your way.
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